Parking & Docking


Parking is free and subject to availability.

Please do not park is space designated for “Slipper Holders Only”. State park staff will ticket vehicles that do not have a “Slip Holders Permit”

Please do not park in the fire lanes.


The State of Delaware offers Hammerheads Dockside customers complimentary designated dockage (subject to availability).

Complimentary Hammerheads Docking will only be located on the North Side of A Dock (A dock is the first row of docks upon entering the Marina just past the fuel dock) for the 2017 season.  There will be signage at the end of A & B Docks with signage on the end piling of each Complimentary Slip.  No other slips or docks within the Marina is open for public docking.  These slips are not for long term use or overnight docking.  The Marina monitors channel 16 & 9 and the main office phone number is 302-227-3071.

Please note the following

  • Hammerheads Dockside staff will not be able to assist you with were boating needs.
  • All slips are subject to availability.
  • Slips are available on a first come first serve basis they can not be reserved in advance.
  • Please follow designated signs to the complimentary slips.
  • Please bring bumpers and dock lines for your watercraft.
  • Dockhands will be available to assist you with docking.
  • Please follow the directions of the dockhands.
  • Please do not dock in slips that are not marked for Hammerheads Dockside unless designated to by State Parks staff.